Trek Rules for Ma’s and Pa’s



Deseret Land and Livestock Rules:

  1. NO horses, mountain bikes, dogs, firearms, ammunition, knives, sheath knives, round nosed shovels, fireworks, fishing equipment or ATV’s are allowed on ranch property.
  1. All participants must be committed for the entire time of the trek. There are no mid-week arrivals or departures except Stake Presidents/Special Speakers and hoedown callers.  Groups are not allowed to have visitors arrive during the week.  No exits from the property for ice, groceries, gas, pizza, etc.
  1. Leave all animals alone.
  1. No trenches are to be dug or plants harmed. No digging allowed.
  1. No transporting of rocks into the meadows.

Handcart Rules:

  1. All carts must follow missionary and trail bosses. Do not cut corners or go off trail.
  1. Do not run with carts, or stand, ride, sit or lean on handcarts. Youth may ride on handcart when medically necessary.
  1. Do not drop the pull bar it might break. Lay it down gently.
  1. Leave NO TRACE, on handcarts; no tape, string, carving, writing etc.
  1. All family members must stay away from the wheels as they walk. The handcarts are very heavy when loaded.  Keep dresses and tarps and ropes away from the wheels.
  1. Avoid pulling the handcarts on a slanted plane (sideways) (i.e. where one wheel is consistently lower than another). If all the weight of the handcart is shifted to one wheel, it may break.
  1. Watch for wear and damage to the handcarts and report any problems to the trail boss or captain immediately.
  1. Handcarts stop only when the Trail Boss indicates to stop, unless in an emergency. The entire handcart company will stop together and start together.
  1. If you do have an emergency and need to stop, the handcart needs to be pulled as far as safely possible to the side of the trail. Place rocks behind the wheels or turn the handcarts sideways on a hill to prevent them from rolling down hills.
  1. Avoid jarring the carts by going over large rocks or into holes.

Camp Rules:

  1. Fires are allowed in campsites when conditions are safe but must be 12 inches off the ground. No fires allowed on the ground including propane heaters.  We will be providing a fire ring and a stand for each handcart family.  You must remove all extra firewood.  DO NOT bury ashes.
  1. No trace camping, in camp or on the trails. No banana or orange peels, apple cores, or candy wrappers on the ground.