One of our Trek goals will be for each participant to find the name of an ancestor to Trek in honor of.  These names will be written on a special bracelet that will be given to everyone.  The bracelet will be worn throughout Trek to help us remember someone we love and care about, who has influenced our life in a positive way.  We encourage you to also learn stories about this ancestor to share with your families at devotionals or along the trail.  Each ward has a Family History Youth Specialist who will be able to help in this effort.  These youth specialists will be under the guidance of Sister Jennifer Mabey-Stake Family History Specialist.

Which of your ancestors will you make this trek for?


Pioneering doesn’t always happen on the trail.



Somewhere in your family history, you have an ancestor that has pioneered new trails that make a difference in your life now. It may have been leaving one country to find opportunities for their children in another. It may have been traveling across the plains by handcart or the across the ocean in search of religious freedom and to build Zion. It could be lots of other things. But it was an act of courage that changed your life.

It could be something very ordinary. The important thing is that it means something to you.

Which ancestor will you make this trek for? Start searching for your story here:   (Then Sign in)

In spite of the tough stories you hear about the Martin and Willey handcart companies, not everything was so hard. They had challenges, but many arrived healthy and with testimonies of God’s power. They built a strong spirit of community and cared for each other. And they were an important part of helping the desert blossom as a rose. They even had some interesting adventures.

Many traveled to their beloved Zion and were blessed profoundly by that experience. Let’s focus on the good, the growth, the love for God and each other, and the joy of Zion. The challenges are part of that, but let us never forget the reason they did it all and how they were blessed and strengthened.

Jennifer Mabey-Family History Trek Advisor

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